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Whimsical Wonders: Explore the New Poster Collection

Infuse Your Space with Playful Artistry and Positive Vibes

The Lucky Charm Eggheads Posters mark a significant milestone in the expansion of our Eggheads universe. Designed to bring the whimsical world of Eggheads to a wider audience, these posters offer a delightful glimpse into the realm of creativity and positivity.

Distinguishing themselves from our Fine-Art Prints, the posters showcase a different printing technique. While the Fine-Art Prints boast vibrant colors and rich hues through 12-color printing, the posters utilize a 4-color printing process. Additionally, there’s a variance in paper quality, with Fine-Art Prints being crafted on premium William Turner paper weighing 310g, while posters are printed on 250g poster paper.

However, the most notable distinction lies in their availability. Unlike the Fine-Art Prints, each of which is a unique masterpiece, the posters are unlimited, making them accessible to a broader audience. This allows us to spread even more creativity, joy, and positivity into the world.

With the Lucky Charm Eggheads Posters, Ugauga aims to inspire and uplift, offering affordable pieces that bring happiness, fun, and inspiration into any space. Explore the collection and bring home a piece of Eggheads magic today!

The Lucky Charm Egghead Posters

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