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AI Pretends to Be Intelligent: What Artificial Intelligence Really Is

At Ugauga, we work also with artificial intelligence (AI) and would like to shed some light on what AI truly is and how it functions. There are many misconceptions about what “intelligence” in “artificial intelligence” means. Often, it is assumed that AI systems possess a form of human-like thinking or decision-making. However, this is far from reality.

The Reality of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) or interconnected algorithms are complex, linked systems that use mathematical models and algorithms to recognize patterns and make decisions based on the data they have been programmed with. The term “intelligence” in “artificial intelligence” can be misleading because it suggests that these systems possess a human-like form of thinking or decision-making, which is not the case.

Why the Term “Intelligence” Is Misleading

The term “intelligence” implies that AI systems have independent thinking, consciousness, and creativity similar to humans. In reality, AI systems are merely powerful tools designed to perform specific tasks by recognizing and analyzing patterns in large datasets. These systems cannot think independently or make decisions beyond the data they have been programmed to process.

How AI Really Works

AI systems are based on algorithms and models that learn from large datasets. Here are the basic steps of how AI works:

  1. Data Collection and Preparation: AI systems require extensive databases. These databases are filled and prepared to ensure they are suitable for algorithmic processing.
  2. Model Training: With the prepared data, the algorithms follow the instructions given by the programmers. These systems consist of many interconnected processing units that recognize patterns and relationships in the data.
  3. Pattern Recognition: After processing, the algorithms can analyze new data and recognize patterns they have learned from the prepared databases.
  4. Decision Making: Based on the recognized patterns, AI systems make decisions or predictions. However, these decisions are limited to the processed data and do not involve independent intuition or creativity.

Alternative Terms for Artificial Intelligence

While the term “artificial intelligence” is widespread, it can be misleading because it suggests more humanity than is actually present. The following alternative terms could more accurately and technically describe what these technologies do, namely analyzing data, recognizing patterns, and making decisions based on algorithms and models:

  1. Algorithmic Pattern Recognition: Describes the core function of AI systems, which is recognizing and processing patterns in data.
  2. Automated Decision-Making: Emphasizes the capability of AI systems to make decisions based on predefined algorithms and data.
  3. Data-Driven Models: Focuses on the fact that these systems are based on the analysis and processing of large datasets.
  4. Interconnected Processing Systems: Reflects the structure and functionality of these technologies more accurately by highlighting their foundation in interconnected algorithms and processing units.
  5. Adaptive Pattern Analysis: Highlights the ability of these systems to learn and adapt based on data.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that is based on the analysis and processing of large datasets. However, the term “intelligence” can be misleading because it suggests that these systems have human-like thought processes and creativity. In reality, they are algorithmic systems designed to solve specific tasks through pattern recognition and data-based decision-making. At Ugauga, we utilize these technologies to support creative processes, but we are always aware that true creativity and intuition come from us, the humans.

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  1. If you understand something about technology, then first ask an AI (e.g. ChatGPT) what hardware it needs for an AI system. And then ask how an AI system is programmed. Now you will slowly understand that AI is not Magic 🙂


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